Anatolian Soldiers Motorcycle Club 1%Er is one of the leading and most respected role model clubs of the motorcycle community in Turkey.

Anatolian Soldiers MC is a club committed to its own traditions. Like your neighbors or the people you see on the street, they have families and jobs. In addition, they continue their lives with a bond of brotherhood that they can integrate into their daily lives and live with, and they are proud of it. Regardless of season or condition, brotherhood and motorcycles are the factors that determine lifestyles.

In this sense, Anatolian Soldiers MC 1%Er joins forces to protect their own traditions and culture. This culture and tradition is the only asset that will be passed on to new generations for every ASMC brother.

Anatolian Soldiers MC 1%Er was established in 2017 as a patch over, primarily based in Izmir. They have been together for about 10 years, with brotherly ties dating back to before their establishment. In a short time, they spread throughout Türkiye and most of their members are their brothers whom they used to live with.

Anatolian Soldiers MC 1%Er respects Turkish soldiers. Some of the members are soldiers or former soldiers. The name and logo of the club come from here. Its colors are Red and White, which come from Turkey's national colors.

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Anatolian Soldiers MC